ZenithGroup are experienced manufacturers and suppliers within the defence and industrial supply chain and present a unique value proposition to Primes, Sub Primes, Tier 1 and Tier 2 enterprises.

Supply chain collaboration in the defence industry with ZenithGroup


Collaboration strengths include reducing risk, project management, production versatility and much more. ZenithGroup is a very flexible & responsive supply chain partner. Services include: state-of-the-art laser cutting, metal fabrication, precision machining, industrial coatings, assembly and more.


The defence supply chain is complex and identifying the right suppliers to manage risk, quality and DIFOT is the challenge of Primes and Sub Primes, Tier 1 and Tier 2.

ZenithGroup is a unique team within the defence and industrial supply chain and can respond to work packages and complete projects in full, quoting all parts. This elevates the ZenithGroup value proposition to well above that of individual SMEs.

State-of-the-art industry 4.0 technology is employed to provide Defence and Industrial projects with a flexible, proven, low risk and cost-effective supply chain solution. Proven DIFOT includes LAND 121 5B, Aerospace and CASG sustainment.

ZenithGroup is your capability bridge for import replacement.


The ZenithGroup hub coordinates opportunities and work packages from the defence and industrial sector to exploit capability best suited for the project. This strategic collaboration system multiplies the value proposition ZenithGroup presents to the Defence and Industrial supply chain.






ZenithGroup is primed to connect with the Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI)

ZenithGroup (ZG) was established in 2020 by founders Campagno Engineering & Glyde Metal Industries. ZG has bid and been awarded defence and industrial work packages from Primes, Sub Primes and Tier 1 & 2 customers. ZG is well positioned to support MMI grant recipients and projects within the defence and industrial supply chain with Business To Business (B2B) collaboration at the core of ZG’s value proposition.

Currently ZG is working with local and international companies and organisations including CSIRO, D.S.T Group, Swinburne University, Rosebank Engineering, R.D.A and more.

ZG’s unique SME collaboration model provides MMI grant applicants and recipients with reliable, low risk, established and accredited manufacturing capability. High levels of competency within the conventional and advanced manufacturing arenas provides virtually unlimited capacity.

ZenithGroup is the first choice for B2B manufacturing collaboration.


Discriminators, Capabilities, Key Customers and Quality & Accreditation

Defence Quad Chart by ZenithGroup - Supply Chain Collaboration

ZenithGroup - A Participating Exhibitor at Land Forces 2021

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Queensland, Australia
June 1-3 2021

ZenithGroup has the support of peak industry bodies