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One-off jobs and customs?

We specialise in supply-chain component manufacturing. Industrial or commercial first-offs and prototypes are only produced with volume orders.

CAD Files & drawings, will that be enough for you to provide a quote?

Yes. Usually, CAD, STEP and DXF files, PDF drawings are all we require, but if you have special requirements, please let us know.

Are you accredited?

Yes, ISO9001 quality accreditation held continuously for more than twenty-five years.

Do you offer coatings and industrial finishes?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of specialised services for your parts, components and assemblies.

Surface preparation including shot and sand blasting, pickling and chemical cleaning, and heat treatment.

Post-production including wash grinding, passivation and electro polishing.

Protective metal coatings including hot dip galvanising, spin galvanising, zinc plating, ecoat, powder coat, priming and wet paint.

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